Glasair Aviation


42. Margin of Air: For a brief taste of what 45 degree overhanging power pulling is about, look no further. Be sure to go to the upper anchor. It's dry.

43. Animal Control: Still somewhat chossy and the slopers get greasy when it's warm, but where else are you going to get 30+feet of sustained roof-dweling like this. The first true "cave" route in Washington.

44. var. Out of Control: The Rock Gods left enough features here to allow The Woof" to be taken directly, but not without bringing in some reinforcements. If you have the horsepower to make the underpass, you may still blow a head gasket at the final turn (over the lip).

45. (Still) Waitin' for Jimi: Even if it rains, you'll still get what you need assuming it's some nice slabbiness below and up to the beneficient "Woof".

46. Naked in the Rain: Another "all weather" line that will be getting another bolt to quell the runout at the end.

47. Bigwig: Actually a series of 5.11 steps with a dramatic final turn of the overhang, this tour de crag offers exciting moves and great exposure. The first step can easily be top-roped by scrambling up the ramp from the right (S13/14). The route continues up and left on the ramp to an exposed rightward traverse to the hanging arête (use a long runner to avoid rope drag above). Two finishes lie above, but the right hand (original) is slightly harder and more dramatic.

48. Doggy Style: A bouldering start gains the first bolt of four that follow the excellent vertical edging to the ledge.

49. Down Boy: Continue from the ledge at the top of "Money for Climbing" via a few stout moves, then hang on to tackle either finish to the top.

50. Simon Says: A bizarre bit of geological cubism takes you to a ledge where a strenuous bulge is suitably equipped to be downright enjoyable.

51. Beefcake Pantyhose: This complex bit of arête-manship rewards tenacity and finesse in equal measure.

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