Approach: (about 30 minutes up and 20 down)
Approximately 1 miles past Fun Rock on Lost River Road, the road enters some gentle curves and then begins a mile upgrade. Pull over about halfway up this hill. Goat Wall can be seen above the trees. Follow game trails through the forest, paralleling various gullies. It is best to avoid the scree be staying near the trees all the way up. Buffalo Buttress becomes obvios up and right, the dividing gully almost directly above, and the Raptor Wall Buttress left of this. The white streaked Goat's Beard is well to the left.

Route Description:
This route is an attempt to provide a safe, multi-pitch route with a fine perspective of the beautiful surroundings. By accounts it minimally achieves this goal, but sections of loose rock on ledges and generally uninspired climbing except on the last pitch prevent a high recommendation for it's climbing qualities. Future cleaning efforts offer hope for this and other moderates to provide some quality, long sport climbs in the area. In the meantime, do not venture below the climb when other parties are above, due to rockfall potential.

Helmet, quickdraws (all bolt protection) and two 50 meter ropes are the required gear.

Approach the wall as described above. Gain the route by scrambling onto the buttress from the base of the central gully past the highest lone tree. A belay bolt marks the spot.

The route is best described as: follow the numerous bolts more or less directly for five pitches. From the last pitch, walking and scrambling leads to progressively better views and the top of the buttress.

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