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  • Swix KX Klister 55g
  • Swix KX Klister 55g
  • Swix KX Klister 55g
  • Swix KX Klister 55g
  • Swix KX Klister 55g
  • Swix KX Klister 55g
  • Swix KX Klister 55g
  • Swix KX Klister 55g

Swix KX Klister 55g

Article number: KX45
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This is a completely new klister line based on new formulas with a logical build up from hard to soft, from cold corn snow to extreme wet corn snow. The higher the number the softer the wax.

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KX 20 Base Klister (Green):

  • Wet corn snow, frozen corn snow.
  • A base klister for cold or warm conditions.
  • To be used as the first layer for better adhesion of the other klisters to the base. 
  • Always apply in a thin layer with a waxing iron or heat gun. 
  • By “edging” the waxing iron you get a controlled equal distribution of the klister.
  • High wear resistance and adhesion

KX 30 Ice Klister (Blue):

  • Blue ice klister.
  • 0°C to -12°C (32°F to 10°F). 
  • For coarse-grained snow/ice and hard tracks at freezing temperatures.
  • Excellent on ice and hard packed coarse cold snow
  • Can be an alternative to KX20 as base klister as the ice klister is rather easier to apply.

KX 35 Violet Special Klister:

  • 1°C to -4°C (34°F to 25°F). 
  • Particularly suitable for coarse-grained snow when the air temperature goes from minus to plus.
  • Can be used as a middle layer on top of KX20 or KB20
  • Excellent klister on transformed cold, coarse corn snow starting to get wet.
  • Wet corn snow, frozen corn snow.

KX 40 Sliver Klister:

  • 2°C to -4°C (36°F to 25°F). 
  • Made for transformed and fine-grained snow.
  • Works well when it is warmer than 0°C and slightly wet fine-grained snow.
  • The klister penetrates deepest into the dry grip zone without icing.
  • Works well when mixed with other klisters to prevent them from rubbing off
  • Moist fine grained snow, frozen corn snow.

KX 45 Violet Klister:

  • 4°C to -2°C (39°F to 28°F). 
  • A klister with a wide range of applications on both sides of zero degrees.
  • For both wet and frozen coarse snow.
  • All around klister for wet, coarse snow as well as frozen corn snow.

KX 65 Red Klister:

  • 5°C to 1°C (41°F to 34°F). 
  • For damp to wet, granular and coarse snow on the warm side of zero up to approx.
  • For wet and moist coarse corn snow.

KX 75 Red Extra Wet Klister:

  • 15°C to +2°C (59°F to 36°F). 
  • For snow with a high water content and an air temperature well above zero
  • KX75 is the klister that handles the wettest and coarsest snow the best.
  • Used when snow has a high water content, such as slush, and when air temperature is well above freezing.
  • Late Spring klister.
Cross country skiing / Kick wax / klister / Swix / Wax
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